Of course, one kids guitar lesson is not enough. As with most things in life, practice makes perfect! To get the most out of your guitar lessons, Tucson based Musical Hearts Guitar Academy suggests the following practice tips.

Be consistent – It is much better to practice a little every day than to try to do all of your practicing on one or a few days. When a student is consistent with their practicing, they have a lot of momentum and they enjoy playing more.

Be goal oriented - It is very important to have clear goals when you are practicing. When a student practices with definite objectives, they make small improvements every week that help to make them a better player. It is especially helpful to keep a practice notebook where you can keep track of your goals and progress.

Be repetitive – It isn’t enough to understand a musical concept only in your mind. Only through repetition will your fingers develop the muscle memory you need to play fluently. When working with a young student, try to make repetition fun. Roll dice to decide how many times to do a passage, or play a game of tic- tac-toe. Good repetitions are Xs and bad repetitions are Os.

Use the metronome – Many students really dislike the metronome when they begin music studies. The metronome really helps to establish solid rhythm, though, and it is also useful for gradually speeding up passages or entire pieces.

Be a practice coach or facilitator– Young children do best when parents attend lessons and help them with their practice at home. Older children sometimes need a parent’s help in managing their time by simply reminding them to practice what they learned between guitar lessons

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Practice Tips
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Kids Guitar Lesson: Practice Tips