“Paige does a great job with her gentle but enthusiastic positive reinforcement to help my daughter create something beautiful.”
Karen Kirby, Parent

“It’s pretty fun – I learned a lot!”
Callie Kirby, Age 8

“Paige shares her love of the guitar with her students. She gently encourages and praises each success, no matter how small. She is sensitive not only to the music, but to the temperament and abilities of the individual child. It is wonderful to see the delight in my daughter’s face when she plays well with Paige, a delight clearly shared by teacher, student, and parent.”
Kerry Muldowney Ascher, Parent

Taking guitar lessons from Paige is like attending a master class. The only difference is that, with Paige, you get more attention. And, after enough lessons, you may be giving your own master class!
Natan Haim Jacobson, Age 14

“I was afraid that my son would never take to the guitar because it wasn’t shaped like a basketball, and there was no slam dunking involved. I was wrong. Paige is wonderful with him and terrific at making the guitar a fun activity. I especially like it when she brings out her special toys and games so that my son thinks he’s “playing” even though he is learning. In short, what makes Paige a gifted guitar teacher is not only her obvious love of the instrument and her skill in playing it, but her uncanny ability to pass that love and skill on to young children of young ages without making it a chore. To quote my son Michael, “Paige is cool!!!’”
Diana J. Simon, Parent

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